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Embrox Group Printing


Embronx print is a leading printing firm which is known for its standard point of sales material fabrication.

We are all about the rendering of quality services.

We create quality POSMs that add value to your brand and also keep your brand relevant, maintaining a strong and lasting relationship
with our customers.

With our rich experience, network, and expertise, we design world class, iconic visual identities with quick-to-recall experience for consumer brands

At Embronx, the quality of our products and services rendered is our top priority.
Our aim is to satisfy our customers on all levels, build a lasting relationship with you,
embrace your marketing and communication strategies while producing visual
expressions that convey your key messages.


Our Mission
To provide world class services in printing,
while providing great employment opportunities
for both our personnel and interns.

POSM Fabrication

Our core areas of
Flex Banners, Danglers, Corex Board, Sav Stickers
Foam Board Printing, Vehicle Branding,
Clear Stickers, Window Graphics, Roll up Banners
Logos etc.

General Printing
Calendars etc.

Our Vision
We are raising the bar by providing innovative,
quality products and services that would add
authentic value to our client's brands,
business and reputation while bearing in mind
our customers satisfaction, our utmost priority

We have the following state of art printing

equipment and facilities to satisfy our client’s
printing needs at the fastest possible time and space.

Our Values
Integrity, Quality, Decorum, Involvement,
Self-improvement, Leadership,
reliability and diligence.

Our Core Service
We care, and because we care we go
beyond the normal ? fine fabrication
detailing and into the intellectual and
psychological understanding of a brands
impact on its consumers.